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Barbara Halsband
Mark C. Halsband

UItracare was founded in 1983 by Barbara Halsband, a Registered Critical Care Nurse with extensive credentials in the healthcare industry, including positions as Assistant Director of Nursing at College Hospital in Newark, New Jersey and Vice President of Continental Health Affiliates.  Aware that there was no central source to which healthcare facilities could turn for per diem staffing, she established Ultracare, an agency where those seeking to hire accredited, quality professionals could call with confidence knowing the personnel could be relied upon for their expertise and skills.

Mark C. Halsband has a background in Hyperbaric Medicine and Respiratory Care.  In 1984, Mark joined Barbara as co-owner of Ultracare.  The venture quickly became a success and added home care services to its operations.  The organization expanded still further to include a medical supply company.  Mark maintains his Respiratory License in New York, New Jersey, and Florida, and established Ultracare's highly respected Respiratory Care Division.

About Ultracare

We're a growing healthcare staffing agency. We look forward to meeting you.  So what are you waiting for... call one of our coordinators to set up an appointment.


Committed to Ensuring the Patient's Wellness

Owners' Profile


Mark & Barbara


Since our first beginnings in 1983, when we initiated what was then a new concept in professional healthcare staffing, Ultracare has grown to become the premier agency in the greater New York area including all five Boroughs, Long Island, and Yonkers.  Today, we continue to set the standard for the industry and are recognized both for the exceptional quality of our personnel and for their commitment to providing a consistently high level of patient care.


Among our clients, you'll find major hospitals and extended care facilities including those requiring specialized respiratory and pulmonary services.  To meet these needs and evolving healthcare demands, our RNs, LPNs, CNAs, PCTs, PCAs, RRTs, and CRTTs all meet the currently established criteria of The Joint Commission.



The agency was based in New Jersey for a total of 18 years until all operations were consolidated in its New York facility and became Ultracare of Manhattan.  Today, Barbara and Mark continue to raise the bar for the quality of the company's services, and are regarded throughout the industry not only for the excellence of their personnel but also for their pro-active response to emerging industry needs.

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