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Ultracare maintains client relationships with many hospitals and healthcare facilities in the New York Metropolitan area.  For clients in the greater New York area, Ultracare provides premier healthcare staffing services for per diem requirements.  We are recognized both for the exceptional quality of our personnel and outstanding customer service.  All members of our healthcare team meet currently established requirements of The Joint Commission and we are fully compliant with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission legislation.


Ultracare specializes in a broad range of Nursing and Respiratory Services including the following:





Assistant Directors      Chart Review      Critical Care      Emergency Department

Hemodialysis      ICU (Coronary, Medical, Neonatal, Neuro, Pediatric, Respiratory, and Surgical)      IV Nurse      Labor and Delivery      Medical/Surgical      Nursery     OB/GYN

Open Heart      Open Heart Step Down      Orthopedics      Perioperative Services (Operating Room, Recovery Room, Cath Lab, Endoscopy)      Post Partum      Psychiatry      Radiology      Shelters      Telemetry   




Adult and Pediatric ICU      Asthma Clinics      Long Term Ventilator Care      Medical and Surgical Units      Neonatal ICU      Open Heart Coronary Care      Pediatric Care and Adult ER      Pulmonary Function Technician      Pulmonary Lab Technician      Sleep Lab Technician      



Ambulatory Care Clinics      Behavioral Health Associates       Certified Nursing Assistants      Operating Room Technicians   Patient Care Associates      Patient Care Technicians          

Patient Teaching Services      Psych Technicians      Sitters

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