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What kind of pay rates does Ultracare offer?


Pay rates vary according to the facility.  Employees are compensated equal to their competency level, and everyone is eligible for the highest rate possible.  Further discussion about rates can be addressed during your interview.



What kind of facilities does Ultracare staff?


We provide a broad range of clinical and patient care services for major hospitals, extended care facilities and those that provide care for ventilator dependent patients in the greater New York area (including all five Boroughs, Long Island, and Yonkers).  One of our largest clients is New York Health and Hospital Corporation.



When can I start working after I'm hired?


You can start working as soon as you meet the registration requirements and complete a drug screen and/or criminal background check if the facility requires them.



What are the chances I will get cancelled from an assignment?


On some occassions, clients may cancel previously confirmed shifts.  However, as much as possible, we will always attempt to offer alternate assignments to suit your availability.  Cancellations are usually done by the facilities two hours before the start of the shift.



Is there a required number of shifts I must work?


Ultracare does not require you to work a specific number of shifts.  You can work as much as a full time shift or only part time hours.  However, once availability has been pre-determined, we ask that you remain committed to the time and shift allotted to you.



How does the payroll process work?


Our payroll process operates under a strict weekly deadline.  The work week is from 12:00 am Sunday to 11:59 pm Saturday.  Clients have a weekly sign-in sheet available at the facility where you will work, and you are required to sign in as you arrive and sign out as you leave.  Employees are restricted to working 40 hours per week except, at the discretion of the Staffing Coordinator, when you may be given permission to work longer than that.  The payroll department is available Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, and on Thursdays from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm to answer all payroll questions.


Payday is every Friday via direct deposit to your checking or savings account. 


For those who do not have a checking account, you can apply for the CashZone Prepaid Visa Card offered by Metropolitan Commercial Bank.  For more information about the CashZone Prepaid Visa Card, please call the office.

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